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  • Trained actor  ( Acting skills, improvisation, talking on camera, voiceovers)

    20 years acting experience in Theatre, Film and TV.
    As well as having speaking roles in corporate videos and commercials I have also provided vox pops and testimonials for several products, including T Mobile (shown on SKY) and JML products (shown in all Boots stores across the UK). 
  • Ex rally driver   ( Full clean driving licence )
    Racing experience of : Ferrari F450, Jaguar JP1, Radicals, Suburu Imprezza, Formula 3000, Caterham 7, Quad bikes, Pro Karts.

    3 years experience - Rally driver  ( League champion )
    8 years experience - Pro kart driver
  • Training with SAS:
    Trained (to fire under control) blank firearms, AK47 sub machine guns, assault rifles.  Soldier operations, including scaling of walls, rope climb from high buildings, abseiling skills, break down doors, remain in charecter whilst explosives are detonated, etc.
  • Aircraft experience, including helicopter and aircraft drills.
    I do acting work for an airline security firm and this involves travelling to different locations around the world to assist in the training of air crew, pilots, V.I.P,s and security forces in anti-hijacking and counter terrorism techniques. This job involves playing the role of a terrorist  for several hours at a time.

  • Dancing :
    Was hired by Peter Stringfellow to be a freestyle dancer in most of his nightclubs and have appeared in music videos with George Michael, Pet Shop Boys,etc.
    Robotic dancer - danced on stage with Gary Newman, Rose royce, Prodigy.

    Street performer in Covent Garden and around Europe, performing robotic dance and living statue, mime, etc. 

  • Qualified diver
    On diving trips I have been swimming with sharks and sting ray.

  • ( 15,000 ft ) Free-fall sky diving experience

  •  Rock climbing experience

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